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Hefeng company has been committed to the research and development of high-performance, long-life refractory materials for ladle linings, taking product quality as the first element, strictly controlling all production processes, operating with integrity, and achieving success in the field of lining refractories for ladle Certain achievements, with the overall contracting ability of refractory materials for ladle systems, carbon-free ladle refractory products are widely used in steel plants such as Anshan Iron and Steel, Shougang, Maanshan Iron and Steel, Lianyuan Iron and Steel, and Liuzhou Iron and Steel, and have been highly evaluated.

Ladle lining

According to the material position, we divide the ladle lining into four parts: slag line, ladle wall, ladle bottom and permanent lining.

Permanent lining: In general, permanent lining is a low cement castable with high-quality bauxite as the main raw material

Package wall, package bottom: We can produce machine-pressed magnesia-aluminum carbon bricks, aluminum-magnesia-carbon bricks, carbon-free bricks, as well as package lining integral casting and prefabricated block products

Slag line: magnesia carbon brick series products, with large crystal fused magnesia and flake graphite as the main components, and different carbon contents designed in accordance with the customer's environment

Ladle integral castable and precast block

Ladle integral castable products are made of corundum, fused magnesia, magnesia-aluminum spinel, etc. as the main components, added with alumina powder and other additives, cast on-site, or pre-cast into precast blocks for use (slag line Use magnesia carbon bricks). This kind of products generally have the characteristics of high temperature and volume stability, erosion resistance, erosion resistance, and convenient construction. They do not pollute the molten steel and are good for later maintenance. It is suitable for pouring and masonry of large and medium-sized ladle to satisfy the use of pure steel smelting in steel plants.

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